Mody RA Darwesh

From over 15  years ago I was have shop in Hurghada for Egyptian papyrus. I meet women from Germany she was work in skulls when she saw me she say to me she want work with me I say to her I don't know anything a bout skulls and I not believe in that. She say to me come with me inside pyramids in Cairo I say ok when we go inside pyramid she give me one skull in my hand and when I have the skull in my hand I feel like all my body move from inside. I hear voice in my head say to me welcome Mǿhǎḿed in our world I be so scare and leave her and run out the pyramid. She come after me and say to me keep the skull with u. I say ok. I go home in this day and I was like children see scare move can't sleep. And agin I hear the same voice say to me I must start carve. I was don't know nothing a bout carve. After this day 2 weeks and I hear othe same go carve. Then after 2 weeks I say for myself I will try to carve I will see what that. I go buy alabaster stone and start carve then I carve my first skull when I carved I was not believe I carved like that. I call the women she was fly back to Germany and say to her all what happened to me she say to me she was know that. Then I start carve for her and she sell my carve I start healing my stuff inside pyramids. And she start say to me I have power inside me I still not use it. I say to her  I want help people.