The Real Meaning Behind the Moses Code!

The Real Meaning Behind the Moses Code!

Do you know the story of the Burning Bush in the Bible?  Also now the new age movie called The Moses Code!? Well if you are familiar with that story and that movie I want you to know the real missing teachings of what God is trying to tell us! In the Moses Code they claim they found the missing code.  That the missing code to the burning bush saying "I Am that I am"  The Moses codes exclaims that there is a comma mark in this to make sense the fact that "I am that, I am" now makes sense to the human experience.  Well the thing is they got that a little wrong.. Of course these old humans find a comma to be the answer but I am here to tell you that the burning bush message is even more powerful than you know!  You are apart of everything and that's what the burning bush was trying to say. The voice wants you to know its not a comma it is an EXCLAMATION POINT!!! you are not just I am that. You are I AM THAT!! I AM!!!

I am here to shout it from all the mountains and to all the seas! You can find and be everything you want to create in this world!  

Remember the excitement this world has and all the excitement inside yourself to bring to this world and to bring into peoples lives!


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